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The Tick Talk

It may seem early to be talking about ticks, but they aren’t far from making a comeback once again. Typically in this region of southwestern Ontario, we have considered our risk period for ticks to be around March and April to the end of November. However, in recent years, we are seeing a rise in […]

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Event: Client Education Night.

Clappison Animal Hospital Is Hosting a Client Education Night.

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What is Anaplasmosis?

Like Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis is a bacterial disease spread through the bite of the black-legged deer tick.  The disease is transmitted while the tick is attached and feeding.  It can affect dog, cats and humans.

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Rabies Information Update

Rabies update as of Mar 24, 2017 for the GTA

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Protect Your Pet from Ticks and Potential Lyme Exposure

Avoiding tick-infested areas is always the best way to protect your pet from Lyme.  This is not always the easiest thing to do.  In the spring and fall is when we see ticks are most active. 4 Degrees and warmer is the temperature ticks favour most.

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