Amy Hanchiruk

Animal Care Assistant
I graduated from the Veterinary Reception Program at Ridgetown College in 2000 and have worked at a few other veterinary facilities, prior to joining my Park Road Family. I began my adventure in the veterinary field in 1998, when I worked part-time as a kennel assistant. I grew up in the country on a tobacco farm and have had the privilege of being raised with many different animals. I do truly believe that it has shaped the person I grew up to be. I was my mother’s nightmare as far as worrying about what animal might be in tow with me and needing my help. I wouldn’t hesitate to scoop up anything from orphaned birds to injured baby bunnies along with other wild animals.I currently have two dogs: Chesney my sweet little beagle and Chibs, a Labrador. I have four cats: Wilbur, Roosifee, Trinidad Charlie and Hemingway and two horses, named Ebert and Apple. I am often seen up front and in appointments. I am in my glory when discussing nutrition with clients and helping them select a diet option that will benefit their pets. I love the interactions with the clients and their pets, we have always been like a family here.My passions are my animals, I enjoy spending my time being in their presence. I enjoy all the opportunities, being around them has given me in becoming the person I am today. I learned a lot from them and still continue to learn from them, which has been an amazing gift. I am a concert-loving blue jays fan, that also enjoys a good challenge. My first dog was a Beagle and his name was Pete.


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