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April Aultman

April Aultman

Registered Veterinary Technician
I graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at St. Clair College in 2015. I decided to go into this field because I have always been passionate about animals and wanted to work with them for as long as I can remember. I joined the Clappison Animal Hospital team in 2016. My interests are in nursing, radiography and cytology. My first pet was a cat named Pumpkin, who is now 20 years old! I love being involved in helping animals to make amazing recoveries and go back to their families in a healthy, happy state! I also love working in a field that allows me to learn new things every day. My favourite thing about the clinic is the amazing team that I work with. I love hiking, camping, canoeing and spending time with friends, family and my own pets.
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Pet with Knee Injury

Is Your Dog Limping? Maybe It Is a Torn Cruciate

The joint between the thigh bone (the femur) and the two lower leg bones (tibia and fibula). It is the equivalent of the knee in humans.

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