Brianna LaBute

Doggy Daycare
Animals are my passion and I am looking forward to attending Durham College for the Animal Care program. I joined the clinic in 2016. I love how each dog has an individual personality that I get to discover, and the instant smile they put on my face when I see them in the morning. And all of the cuddles of course! My favourite thing about the clinic is that it has such a great atmosphere and everyone is so friendly. Fun fact about me is that I love organizing and decorating things - if I'm not doing that, you can always find me doing some sort of outdoor activity. I also have three dogs of all different breeds and sizes who are the loves of my life! My first pet was a Golden Retriever named Cooper.
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What is Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is an upper respiratory infection affecting dogs. Multiple agents make up the virus, the most common being the bacteria called Bordetella, followed by canine Parainfluenza, and canine Coronavirus.

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