Cali-Anne Simpson

Animal Care Attendant, Receptionist & Doggy Daycare
I decided to go into this field because of my love for animals. I am currently in school, in a Veterinary Assistant program. I joined the clinic on August 30, 2018. My first pet was a Brittany Spaniel named Brandy. She was the sweetest dog and will never be forgotten. What I love most about my job is being surrounded by animals and being able to pet them, play with them, comfort them and ensure they're getting the best care possible. My favourite thing about the clinic is the positive and happy atmosphere. The animals bring a lot of joy and the staff are friendly and helpful. A fun fact about myself is that I also have a small craft business and enjoy making wood signs, furniture, shirts, mugs, etc.
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3 Simple Steps to Help You Choose a Chew Toy for Your Dog

Chewing is good for your dog’s mental and physical health. It is important to provide them with plenty of safe and appropriate things to chew on. There are a lot of available chew toys these days to choose from. Which ones are best? Which ones should you avoid?

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