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Dr. Stephen Longridge, DVM


Graduating Year:
1997, Ontario Veterinary College

Joined the Clinic in:

Area of interest:
I like all aspects of medicine and surgery, but I have an interest in complicated gastro-intestinal cases.

My favourite thing about the Clinic:
The fun and energetic team that we have, and the variety of clients that we serve.

My first pet:
A black and white cat named Whiskers

What I love most about my job:
Helping pets heal, and the enjoyment it brings to their owners.

Fun fact about me:
My wife and I lived and practiced in England for 4 years. I now live near Carlisle, with my wife, son and daughter. We share our home with Ba-Lackie the blind cat and Dora the Bullmastiff. We also have a small flock of laying hens in the backyard, a Netherland Dwarf rabbit named Tank, two beehives and a growing population of ‘red wigglers’ in our basement worm composting system. And last but not least… I was known as Steve “Longhair” in university… sadly it is true.


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