Dog Anal Gland Expression

All dogs have anal glands; they are a normal part of the canine anatomy. Normal functioning glands deposit a scent, “a signature,” onto their stool as it is evacuated. In some cases, the glands fail to express naturally. This can lead to infection, and even rupture, which can be a painful condition.

Should I drain my dog’s anal glands at home?

It takes a lot of practice to empty your dog’s glands fully. It is best to let our veterinarians and technicians provide this service for your dog.

If my dog scoots on the carpet a lot, does this mean their anal glands are impacted?

Often, this is the reason for bum scooting, but there can be other causes as well, such as allergies, affecting the anal skin and surrounding area. If this is not addressed, then the scooting and licking are likely to continue or get worse. Anytime anal glands are suspected of causing concern, an initial examination should take place to be sure.


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