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Pug lying on ground

Dog Anal Gland Expression

All dogs have anal glands; they are a normal part of the canine anatomy. Normal functioning glands deposit a scent, "a signature," onto their stool as it is evacuated. In some cases, the glands fail to express naturally. This can lead to infection, and even rupture, which can be a...

Dog lying down

Heartworm Disease in Dogs

Heartworm is present in Ontario. It is a potentially fatal, parasitic roundworm that is spread through mosquitoes. Heartworms affect the blood vessels in the lungs and the heart and can have fatal consequences.


Dog Fleas & Tick Prevention

A common parasitic nuisance in warmer weather, fleas are easy to prevent but difficult to treat. Severe flea infestations can take over your entire household, affecting all residents including your pets. A little-known fact is fleas can lay up to 30,000 eggs at once and they hibernate for up to...

Two dogs outdoors surrounded by fall leaves

Dog Skin Care

All species of dogs have skin but unfortunately, some dogs have more difficulty with their skin than others. The condition of your dog's skin is a good indicator of your dog's health. Skin concerns can vary in several forms from acute to chronic and even be long-lasting for a lifetime...