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Cat lying down

Cat Euthanasia

Euthanasia is never an easy decision to make. Allow us to assist you and your pet, during this time. Offering compassion and support when you and your pet need it most, Clappison Animal Hospital provides a comforting atmosphere for your pet's euthanasia.

Senior cat lying down

Senior Cat Care

Cats love to hide vulnerability, this means that they like to pretend everything is fine. Some key things to watch for include changes in behaviour (e.g. more cuddly when typically has been a "loner" or vice versa).

Cat covered in a towel and lying down next to a syringe and containers

Cat Fecal Exam

What is fecal parasite screen? This test checks for common parasites, or parasite eggs in the stool sample. There are many intestinal parasites which hang on tight internally and can only be discovered by checking for the eggs in the feces. These can only be seen on a microscope.

Cat scratching itself

Cat Flea and Tick Control

What are fleas? Fleas are tiny blood-sucking parasites, they are obtained from the environment of the cat. Once on the cat, they happily go to work feeding and laying eggs, which increases the problem quickly.