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My Pet is ITCHY!

Every year we see many dogs with the same complaint…they are itchy. For some animals...

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Toxicity in Cats from Dog Flea Control Products

Clappison Animal Hospital’s Dr. Chris Hamilton recently saw a case involving...

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Chocolate & Other Toxic Foods for Your Pets

Most people are aware of chocolate toxicity in dogs, or have experienced it...

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Feeding in the Multi-Cat Household

As the number of cats in a home increases, it isn’t long before meeting...

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Pet Weight Management Tips

Clappison Animal Hospital is dedicated to proper nutrition and a healthy diet...

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dog eating kibble

Diets and Dog’s Hearts

Recently there has been a suggestion of a link with some dogs developing heart disease while eating some foods.  That’s a lot of variables at play. So let’s look at what we do know.

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