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Ringworm. What Is It?

Well, for starters, ringworm is a very misleading name.

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Essential Oils and Your Pets

Essential oils are a natural product produced from plants that are easily evaporated at normal temperatures.

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Christmas Hazards

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. We are all busy getting ready for the holiday season that sometimes we forget about our pets and what they may be getting into while we are not watching.

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Constipation in Cats

Some cats suffer from constipation.  If the blockage is very large and for a long period of time, it may be classified as obstipation (intractable constipation) or megacolon (abnormal dilation and paralysis of the colon and large intestine). It is an uncomfortable condition which often will need intervention to clean out the hardened stool. Most […]

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Cat Hyperthyroidism – Symptoms and Treatment

Is your older cat losing weight yet eating plenty, perhaps even more than he/she used to?  How about vomiting, restlessness, increased thirst, vocalization?  If some or all of these symptoms are present, then your cat may have hyperthyroidism.  Hyperthyroidism results from excess levels of thyroid hormone being released from benign nodules in the thyroid gland.  […]

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dog eating kibble

Diets and Dog’s Hearts

Recently there has been a suggestion of a link with some dogs developing heart disease while eating some foods.  That’s a lot of variables at play. So let’s look at what we do know.

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