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Signs That Your Cat May be Hiding Illness

A Bit of Background Cats have a complicated life. Complicated in a ‘mental health’ kind of way that is. We all think of cats, at least in their outdoor setting, as being natural, merciless hunters…stalking, calculating, running, catching and killing little animals.   They seem fearless and confident. But all is not as it appears. Domestic […]

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Dr. Stephen Longridge on NewsTalk1010!

Our very own Dr. Longridge joined Dr. Clayton Greenway on Newstalk 1010 on Saturday! Didn’t get to hear the segment? Not to worry! Follow the link below to listen… http://www.newstalk1010.com/shows/animalhouse.aspx

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To Spay or Not to Spay?

Many pet owners find themselves questioning if they should spay or not spay their pet. Here it is a simple answer -- spay.

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