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“One Cat Just Leads to Another:” The Many Cats of Ernest Hemingway

Written by Erin Knibb Ernest Hemingway (1866-1961), Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize winning author, journalist, man’s man, war correspondent, safari-taker, world traveler was a self-proclaimed cat lover.  Hemingway was proud of his cat collection, often saying that he liked nothing better than the feeling of having cats underfoot.  Calling them his “purr factories” and claiming that […]

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Enrich the Life of your Cat

Cats have been growing in popularity as pets for many years now; a significant number of these cats are kept indoors, either exclusively or in part. Compared to their ancestral lifestyle, most indoor felines have relatively little stimulation or activity to help them while-away the hours of the day.  Not surprisingly we are seeing more […]

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CBD? Don’t Ask Me.

Even though buying and using marijuana became legal in Ontario in October 2018, it is not legal for anyone other than a medical doctor or nurse practitioner to prescribe it.

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