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Pet vs. Vet

For as long as I have worked in the veterinary industry I have heard about every comment on the cost of veterinary diets.

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Is your pet a picky eater?

By : Christine Attridge-Hardy You feed your pet tasty and nutritious food, and yet your pet only sniffs or licks at it. It’s time for the next meal, but the previous meal still isn’t finished. Sounds like you may have a picky eater on your hands. You may think your pet wants or needs variety The […]

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Tips for Giving Treats to Your Pets!

When giving treats the number one rule to remember that your pet is more excited about the attention they are getting rather than the treats themselves. Substitute an activity or a good belly rub and your pet will be equally happy. The goal is to reward your pet without packing on the pounds. Here are […]

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dog eating kibble

Diets and Dog’s Hearts

Recently there has been a suggestion of a link with some dogs developing heart disease while eating some foods.  That’s a lot of variables at play. So let’s look at what we do know.

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