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Swimming with your Pet: How to make it fun and safe!

Although not all dogs like water or swimming, they should be exposed to it for their own safety. Here are some simple steps to help teach your dog to be safe and enjoy swimming… Avoid excessive noise: Take the dog to a quiet pool or the shallow part of a lake. Avoid busy times, try early […]

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Heat Stroke in Pets

  WHAT IS IT? Elevated body temperature >41 C (106 F) and increased respiratory effort,without signs of infection or inflammation. Normal body temperature for a dog is 38.0 – 39.0 C (100.4 – 102.2 F)   HOW DOES IT HAPPEN? Heat dissipating mechanisms (evaporation from the surface of the tongue and panting) cannot keep pace […]

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Signs of Dehydration in Dogs

Now that the summertime weather is here, the heat and humidity tend to get the best of us.

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