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First Time Kitten Vaccines

Kitten Vaccines When? At about 8 weeks of age. What? Panleukopenia    –  a very serious virus affecting the respiratory and gastro-intestinal Rhinotracheitis   –   a virus causing upper respiratory and ocular symptoms Calicivirus             –  a virus which causes upper respiratory signs and severe ulceration in the mouth How Will My Kitten Feel After These Vaccines? Similar […]

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First Time Puppy Vaccines

Puppy Vaccines When? At about 8 weeks of age. What? Distemper            –   a virus which attacks the respiratory, gastro-intestinal and neurological systems Adenovirus          –   a virus which predominantly damages the liver Parvovirus            –   a virus which can cause severe damage to the small intestine Parainfluenza    –   a virus which damages the respiratory […]

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Signs of Dehydration in Dogs

Now that the summertime weather is here, the heat and humidity tend to get the best of us.

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