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Clappison Pudgy Pet Program

The Pudgy Pet Program has been running since 2010. Your pet is registered with the animal version of Weight Watchers. At their first visit we do a full nutritional consult and tailor a plan that fits your pets, as well as your own, lifestyle. They can register anytime and they are members for life. The […]

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Morphometric Measurements

Morphometrics (from Greek μορϕή “morphé”, meaning ‘shape’ or ‘form’, and μετρία “metría”, meaning ‘measurement’) refers to the quantitative analysis of form. Morphometrics analyzes lengths, widths, masses, angles, ratios and areas. Morphometric data is a measurement of size. It’s all Greek to me! What does all that mean to you when we perform this test on their pet? […]

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dog eating kibble

Diets and Dog’s Hearts

Recently there has been a suggestion of a link with some dogs developing heart disease while eating some foods.  That’s a lot of variables at play. So let’s look at what we do know.

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