5 Simple Steps to Brushing your Dogs Teeth

Does your dog give you a hard time when you are trying to brush his teeth? Here are some tips from the Clappison Animal Hospital team!

  1. Start by handling the snout area of your dog for a few seconds every day. Praise your dog at the end of each session.
  2. Introduce a pet toothpaste by having a small amount on your finger. You may start with the large teeth at the front of the mouth known as the K9 teeth (fangs) and then gradually work around the whole mouth. Make sure you include the gums.
  3. After you have your dog use to your finger and toothpaste you may start to try a tooth brush. After applying toothpaste firmly place the brush on your dog’s teeth and brush in a circular motion.
  4. Gradually build up time and pressure on the brush as your dog gets use to you using a tooth brush. Work mostly on the outside of the teeth for most of tartar accumulation occurs on the outside of the teeth.
  5. Lastly you can work on the front teeth between the fangs. Gently lift you dogs lip and brush up and down on the front teeth.

We hope these tips help with your pet’s daily oral health care!