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With over a decade of experience, Country Tails has become a haven for local dogs since opening our doors in 2008. Our high standard of care and dedication to both fun and safety has created a space and reputation that we are proud of! More than just a kennel or boarding facility, Country Tails provides a loving daycare program characterized by one-on-one snuggles, slow and safe socialization, size-appropriate playtime, and our personalized approach to client care. We are conveniently located at the Clappison Animal Hospital ensuring both safety and convenience for all our clients and all of our staff have extensive experience in both dog behaviour and canine group dynamics.

Our dedicated staff members get to know each dog for their unique personality and we strive to make daycare a special place for every pup that comes through the gate. We accept dogs of all shapes, ages and sizes—our outdoor playspace is approximately an acre, guaranteeing every dog the space to run and play freely! Country Tails also has access to a temperature-controlled indoor play area that we love to use when the weather isn’t quite appropriate for outdoor play. We have multiple separate play-spaces so each dog has the opportunity to socialize and engage with like-minded friends, guaranteeing the best experience for all of our daycare pups. Our new friends are slowly introduced to our playgroup on their first FREE day to ensure positive bonds are formed and that it is the best fit for your pup. We want all of our attending dogs to feel welcome and at home here!

Boarding Services

Our boarding program is low capacity and all-inclusive to ensure the most personalized experience for your pup! We have a range of kennel sizes suited to guarantee the comfort and needs of each of our individual attendees. Each dog has access to daycare all day but also has an opportunity to rest and relax in their private cozy kennel should they prefer. We like all of our boarding friends to be well exercised so they are comfortable and content through the night! Our flat-rate boarding price includes full daycare access, one-on-one playtime, and comfy bedding – we also provide snack time and vet-approved natural pheromone spray therapy upon request at no extra fee. There is no additional cost for medication administration.

Boarding fee per night: $55.95 + tax

Frequent Flyer Discount: Pals that visit daycare or boarding (or a combination of both) more than five times a year receive our ‘Frequent Flyer’ discount perk of $51.95 + tax per night.

Have a question? Please call the Clappison Animal Hospital to be connected to a daycare representative at 905-689-8005 or email us at countrytails@clappisonvet.com

Hours of Operation

We are open from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday. Daycare is closed on both weekends and holidays, but boarding remains open. However, we do not offer drop-offs or discharges on holidays or clinic closed hours (ie. after 3 pm on Sundays).

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Why should I bring my dog to doggie daycare?

Daycare is an excellent way for your dog to socialize and exercise in a safe and controlled setting. Our visiting pups can enjoy the pack atmosphere they instinctually crave in a monitored environment. Each attending dog at Country Tails has passed a behavioural assessment to ensure the compatibility of all our daycare friends. Our staff is trained in the use of calming signals and diversion tactics in order to help keep the fun going all day long! We provide all-day play for a tired-out pooch with occasional naptime for growing puppies and sleepy seniors. We tailor the daycare experience to each individual dog to ensure the most fun for all. Country Tails is a second home to dogs with a variety of temperaments. We love to see our more timid friends blossom into social butterflies, and our rambunctious pups play with like-minded buddies. Our mission is to provide a safe fun place for everyone—puppies to seniors, timid to excitable, itty bitty to enormous!

Admission Requirements

Ready to join the pack? Get in touch with one of our daycare team members at 905-689-8005 or at countrytails@clappisonvet.com to begin the registration process! We require:

  • All core vaccinations including Bordetella (the kennel cough vaccine is sometimes not included in core vaccinations)
  • Flea and tick prevention during the active months (April to November)
  • All attendees must be spayed or neutered if they are over the age of 8 months
  • A completed daycare questionnaire and signed consent forms (to be provided once you get in touch with one of our team members)
  • A passing grade following a behavioural assessment or “meet and greet”

Prices and Packages

Country Tails offers a variety of competitive prices and packages – speak with one of our daycare representatives today about which package best suits your needs and budget! We also offer gift certificates if you have a furry friend needing a special gift.

  • Full Day (6+ hours): $40.55 + tax
  • Half Day (5 hours or less): $28.60 + tax
  • Drop-In (2 hours or less): $16.75 + tax
  • All-Inclusive Boarding (per 24hr period): $49.95 + tax

Pass Packages

  • 10 Full Day Pass: $364.95 + tax   (No expiry, you save the equivalent of one full day of daycare!)
  • 10 Half Day Pass: $257.40 + tax (No expiry, you save $33.15 – the equivalent of a half day of daycare!)
  • 10 Day Fast Pass: $150.75 + tax (No expiry, you save $25.55 – the equivalent of one drop in visit)
    TIP: Ten two-hour or less drop-in visits are excellent for a quick play while you run errands or before grooming appointments!


Pack Leader Membership: $6719.35 + tax

  • A FULL YEAR of unlimited daycare usage!
  • For our Monthly Membership holders, this is a savings of $979.85.

*The pass expires one year after the first use. Boarding services are 20% off with this membership. Refund limitations apply.

Furry Friend Membership: $641.60 + tax

  • FULL MONTH of unlimited daycare usage – great for pals who visit 4 to 5 times a week! 
  • Savings of approximately $169.40 (savings are based on a month with 20 weekdays of daycare)

*The pass expires one month after the first use.

Slumber Party Membership: $675.35 + tax

  • 15 nights of boarding with full daycare access during each stay.
  • Savings of $109.90 – two free nights of boarding!

*The pass expires three months from the date of first use.

Discounts and Add-on Services

Frequent Flyer Discount

Pals that visit daycare or boarding (or a combination of both) more than five times a year receive our ‘Frequent Flyer’ discount perk of $51.95 + tax per night. Regular boarding is $55.95 + tax per night

Multiple Dog Discount

Are you a multi-dog family? At Country Tails the price of daycare, boarding, and passes is discounted 15% on the second dog, 20% on the third, and 25% on the fourth.

Referral Rewards

Clients who refer another dog to daycare will receive a FREE day of daycare plus a $25 credit on their Clappison account upon that dog’s first day of daycare or boarding.

Premium Add-On

Can be added to any membership or pass for $31.95 + tax. Expires within a month from purchase


  • Nail trim
  • Guaranteed tidy by hometime
  • Weekly command refresher
  • Weekly tooth-brushing (toothbrush + toothpaste included)

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