Fun Pet Dental Facts for Dental Month

February and March are Dental Health months for your furry friends! Here are some cool facts that you may not know:

  • Dental disease is the most common clinical condition among our pets
  • 80 % of dogs and 70 % of cats have dental disease by 3 years of age
  • 1 in 3 pet owners think bad breath is normal in pets
  • Pets don’t tell us when their teeth hurt, animals actually hide the signs of illness or weakness
  • Never use human toothpaste on your pet. Our toothpaste can be toxic!
  • Infection in your pet’s mouth can spread in the blood stream to other organs. This can lead to other health complications.

There are 6 signs of Dental Disease in pets to watch for:

  1. Bad breath
  2. Red gums
  3. Discoloured teeth with brown tartar along gum line
  4. Receding gum line
  5. Pawing at mouth
  6. Difficulty chewing kibble

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by Christine Attridge-Hardy