Meet Clappison’s Clinic Cat: Rocky

Clappison Animal Hospital was fortunate to adopt Rocky from Animal Adoptions of Flamborough as our Official Clinic Cat.  He first joined the Clappison team in 2013 as a 4 year old neutered male.  Rocky is special.  He is FIV positive, which makes him difficult to re-home.  Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is a condition that some stray cats get by getting into fights with other infected cats, passing the virus through their saliva or blood (usually because of bite wounds).  Like Rocky, if your cat is diagnosed with FIV it doesn’t mean that you need to euthanize him or her; this condition is easily managed simply by TLC and not to be in a household with other cats. In Rocky’s case he is never allowed to play with our other clinic cat Sanchez due to his condition, but he does visit the animals through the kennel doors to say hi and keep on doing his daily duties. That’s why we took him in as part of the Clappison Family.

We fell in love with him instantly.  “He feels like a brother to me”, says Aislin one of our Veterinary Assistants.  Rocky has amazing personality, is affectionate and quite clever!  He has his own office and is our Office Manager’s best friend.  He makes all of us smile every day.  While Rocky enjoys running around and doing “cat things” he also enjoys meeting new clients and their pets.  Rocky feels like he has always been with us and we can’t imagine life without him. Come by the clinic to meet Rocky, or visit our Facebook page since he is featured a lot, as are other Animal Adoption cats of all ages.

After a hard day’s work you can always find Rocky taking a nap in his favorite spot.