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Pet vs. Vet

For as long as I have worked in the veterinary industry I have heard about every comment on the cost of veterinary diets. I have been told that the veterinarians get a commission, that they are not well educated in pet nutrition. But let me stop you right there! Your trusty veterinarian spent many years in post-secondary school learning specifically about animals, their illnesses, their anatomy and their nutrition. Your veterinary clinic advocates the health and well-being of your pet, not usually the person behind the counter at the local pet store. Don’t get me wrong pet stores are great and useful for many things, but your pets optimal diet should not be one of them. Let’s be real would you really shop in the produce department if a fresh produce stand was just as available? With our own food, we have the opportunity to know the very ground it came from or was raised on. Shouldn’t it be the same for our pets?

With purchasing your food at your veterinary clinic, you can be assured that what you are feeding your furry family member is the best you can feed them. There have been a series of tests run on the ingredients before they enter the plants and has gone through vigorous testing before even being packaged to leave. Each of their diets there has been scientifically formulated and tested for very specific life stages for your pet. Many of the veterinary diet companies do not have TV commercials as they have chosen to put those funds into the food itself, not the media. For many pet store brands do not always follow these same standards. Veterinary diets are designed to specifically benefit what has been proven to be the best for the animal, whereas most store lines are meant to appeal more to the owner.

With a veterinary diet, the ingredients are always consistent, whereas some store brands will vary based on what is cheapest. Therefore, your pet’s food could be coming from various suppliers instead of one regular one.

The fact is that your veterinarian knows your pet and its risk for certain illnesses and can properly prescribe you a proper and healthy diet for your pet. It is something that your pet store will not be able to do in the same manner. No matter what courses they take, they will likely never be your veterinarian.

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Written by: Amy Hanchirukm, Animal Care Attendant



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