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Chemotherapy for Dogs

Chemotherapy is a drug treatment using powerful chemicals to kill cancer cells. Cancer cells typically grow much faster than other cells in the body, so the chemicals often target such cells rather than normal cells.

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Will chemotherapy make my dog sick?

In most cases, chemotherapy drug doses are designed to destroy the cancer cells with few noticeable side effects for the patient.

How is it given?

Most chemotherapy medications used at Clappison Animal Hospital will be oral or via intravenous injection.

What are symptoms, causes & treatment options?

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition of the joint space. It has many causes including injury, infection, genetic predisposition and age/degeneration. Symptoms that clients may notice include limping, disinterest in play/exercise, stiffness after rest, change in demeanor. Treatment options include weight loss, joint supplements, special diets, exercise, physiotherapy and medications.

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