Dog and veterinarian holding a toothbrush

Dental Care for Dogs

One of the most commonly diagnosed health problems in pets is an oral disease. Foul breath, red and swollen gums, changes in appetite/eating and chewing habits, depression or pawing at the face are all symptoms of potentially greater underlying problems and should be addressed in a timely fashion. We provide a full range of dental care services to help your dog live a long, happy and healthy life.

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What types of dental care for dogs do you offer at your clinic?

We offer a variety of dental care services at Clappison Animal Hospital. From dental care consultations with our technicians to tooth brushing demonstrations, teeth cleaning, and digital dental radiographs.

We also offer a range of dental products specifically for dogs such as toothpaste, dental rinses and enzymatic dental treats that are as tasty as they are therapeutic. We carry veterinary dental diets for your dog as well.

How often should you brush your dog’s teeth?

Daily – your dog’s teeth are no different than yours!

Why is oral and dental health important?

Over 80% of dogs have periodontal disease and could benefit from oral care. Studies indicate that dental disease often leads to additional health problems in dogs as they age, and many of these oral issues will become painful in time.

Poor dental health can negatively impact the relationship that you have with your pet. After all, no one likes the smell of bad breath! As well, the presence of bacteria in the bloodstream originating from the mouth, can create wear and tear on your dog’s vital organs over time.

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