Signs of Dehydration in Dogs

Now that the summertime weather is here, the heat and humidity tend to get the best of us. We tend to not drink enough water during these months leading us to feel dehydrated. The same goes for our dogs. Along with water loss, electrolytes, i.e. calcium, sodium and potassium also become unbalanced.

Sometimes thirst is mistaken as dehydration. Thirst reminds us to drink, but dehydration can potentially be life-threatening. This being said when it is hot outside make sure your dog has lots of access to freshwater and when they are outside, ensure sure they are in a shaded area where they can stay cool.

Please watch for these common signs of dehydration and if you note any of them see your veterinarian right away.

  • Eyes: are sunken
  • Nose: is dry and chapped
  • Mouth: dry or thickened saliva
  • Lungs: excessive panting
  • Stomach: vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite
  • Feet: loss of balance
  • Urine: dark
  • Skin: dry no elasticity
  • Back: warm to touch

Have a safe and happy summer! If you have any questions or concerns about signs to look for in your pet, give us a call at 905.689.8005.

Written by: Christine Attridge-Hardy