Tips for Giving Treats to Your Pets!

When giving treats the number one rule to remember that your pet is more excited about the attention they are getting rather than the treats themselves. Substitute an activity or a good belly rub and your pet will be equally happy. The goal is to reward your pet without packing on the pounds. Here are some tips you can use to continue to give treats without adding to your pet’s waistline.

  1. Toss their kibbles from their meal as treats for them to catch and eat.
  2. Place treats around the house so they have to “hunt” for them.
  3. If they do not have any joint issues, put treats up and down stairs to give them some extra activity.
  4. Put treats in a toy like a buster cube or food puzzle.
  5. Veggies are often a good choice if you’re going to use human food – check to make sure they are safe for your pet before offering. Here are some good options.
  6. Use treats to teach a new trick or enhance the ones they already know.

The best option is placing their allotted amount of food aside every morning. Throughout the day the whole family can easily grab some kibbles from there to give as treats. The benefit is that it helps eliminate double or over feedings. No more guessing if they need more food or missed a meal.

When treats are given make sure to check the calories on the nutritional guide. Treats should not count for more than 10% daily calories. Some treats can contain more calories than their entire daily calorie limit! Also make sure to decrease their regular food by the amount of the treats. If you are not sure what the calorie limit of your pet could be, it is definitely worth coming into Clappison Animal Hospital for your free nutritional consult during our Weight Management season during July & August. We highly recommend attending our Weight Management Course on August 13th at the clinic.

Recommended treats: Purina Light Snackers, Medical Medi treats, CET Chews, Hill’s Hypo treats, Feline Fiber treats.

For more information on best practices for feeding your pet, please reach out to the veterinary team at Clappison Animal Hospital!