Clappison Pudgy Pet Program

The Pudgy Pet Program has been running since 2010. Your pet is registered with the animal version of Weight Watchers. At their first visit we do a full nutritional consult and tailor a plan that fits your pets, as well as your own, lifestyle. They can register anytime and they are members for life. The program is there for your pet whenever they need help managing their weight. The key to success is continuous support and staying on top of your goals. It’s for all shapes and sizes as whether it’s a cat with 5 lbs to lose or a lab with 40 lbs. The goal with every member is for overall better health. There is no dieting, it’s a lifestyle change. If you are ready to change your pet’s health this is the program for you!

The program includes:

  • Before and after pictures
  • Nutritional consultation and individualized weight loss plan
  • Monthly weigh-ins and consults with a registered veterinary technician
  • Prizes along the way for meeting goals
  • Graduation certificate so everyone knows your pet’s accomplishment
  • Lifetime registration –even after graduation you can always come back for guidance and support.

Below is a testimonial from one of our Pudgy Pet Members

One year ago my sweet boy Buddy changed.  He had gained a lot of weight and wasn’t the energetic, bouncy dog that he used to be.  Every day he would have his breakfast then hide under the bed for the majority of the day.  My daughter said he looked like a “seal”.  Poor Buddy!  During one of our visits to Clappison’s I noticed a posting for a “Pudgy Pet Program”.  Buddy definitely fit the bill.  We put Buddy on the scale and he was 79 pounds!!   Time for a change.  Melanie set Buddy on a diet plan, monitored his intake and weight each month and adjusted accordingly.  Buddy is now 54 pounds!!  He’s back to being my happy, energetic, playful, loving dog.  If dogs can be depressed, I’m sure Buddy was and now he’s happy again.  I’m so grateful to everyone at Clappison’s and the Pudgy Pet Program.  If they only had a program for me, I would sign up today! 

Margie Robertson

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.46.24 AM

Buddy Robertson update: He has maintained this healthy physique since 2012 and currently weighs in at 55lbs!