Did You Know?

The other day we saw my pet for problems eating. I thought it might be a sore tooth. Well was I shocked to find out he had a burn mark on his tongue from something around the house. It got me to thinking and looking at all the areas of my house that may be a danger to my pets.

Here are some things that we need to beware of:

  • Kitchen: Cleaning supplies, Medications, Toxic foods, ie, chocolate, onions etc.
  • Living Room: Plants, Diffusors, light bulbs, batteries, electrical cords
  • Bedrooms: Medications again, garbage, makeup and hygiene products
  • Bathroom: Cleaners, Makeup and Hygiene products, garbage
  • Garage: Pesticides, oil, antifreeze, paint, garbage, cleaners, electric cords
  • Laundry area: detergents, garbage
  • Back and Front yard: pesticides, plants, compost, wild mushrooms, open fire pits, kids’ toys

I hope that this helpful list helps you make sure your pet does not get hurt or into anything while you are not watching them.

Written by: Christine Attridge-Hardy