Faith the Cat saved by devoted Clappison Team

As March came to an end a few weeks ago, Faith was brought into Clappison Animal Hospital. A kind couple found her and although she is not their pet, they could tell she was in distress. The Clappison team were quick to take X-Rays and discovered that her leg was in need of significant orthopaedic repair. The type of surgery that Faith needed was a very costly surgery, and with no sense of where she came from it was unclear whether or not the team would be able to save Faith.

This idea did not sit well with Alli: who is part of Clappison clinic administration. Alli has been an animal lover all her life and like all members of Clappison is deeply devoted to helping every animal that comes into the clinic to the best of their ability.

So Alli came up with a fundraising idea to get Faith the surgery she needs! She decided she would create a board letting other clients know about Faith’s situation and request they purchase one of her homemade bracelets. The idea behind this was an attempt to raise funds to help adoptive animals of Flamborough and to get strays like Faith the medical attention they may need.

In two days, Clappison was able to raise $1,000!!
One donation came from a very generous gentleman who signed a cheque for $500 and so many other benevolent donations came in from the amazing Clappison community.

The next day Dr.Hamilton was able to perform Faith’s much needed surgery – it was a great success & she is recovering miraculously! Her journey will continue into a foster home where she will take some time to heal and build up her strength. When Faith has recuperated she will be placed up for adoption.

What does Alli have to say for her efforts and the devotion of the entire Clappison team?
“She is the sweetest cat in the world. I couldn’t stop myself from helping to ensure she got the care she deserves. She will make an amazing pet to a very lucky family!”

For more information on the movement to help strays and adoptive animals in Flamborough, contact the Clappison Animal Hospital. We’re excited to share more positive stories like Faith’s in the future!