Heartworm and Wellness Testing

Because your dog is unable to talk like you and I, it’s important to know what is going on inside before it becomes a serious health concern. Since the heartworm test requires a blood sample, we can use the same blood sample to test for common conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, kidney failure and thyroid disease. In fact 10% of pets that appear healthy to owners have been found to have an underlying condition. Testing this way is less expensive and less stressful for your dog so we are offering additional testing at a discounted price between now and July 31st. The main benefits are:

1. Early detection of disease: A healthy looking pet can be hiding signs of disease

2. Baseline: When your pet has regular testing done the vet will be able to see changes in values and diagnose disease. Also helpful if your pet becomes ill.

3. Monitoring current conditions/meds: If your pet has already been diagnosed (ex. thyroid) or is on medications that can have side effects (ex. anti-inflammatories), testing can help make sure that their treatment plan is accurate.

4. Discount pricing during heartworm season: Get more for your time and money.

5. *FREE prevention: When you upgrade to wellness testing and purchase your 6 months of prevention your pet is entered to win free prevention for the following year.

Even though your pet may not be having a heartworm test, we are extending special discounts for anyone who buys 6 months of preventative medication. Call our Waterdown veterinary clinic for more information or to book your appointment.