Morphometric Measurements

Morphometrics (from Greek μορϕή “morphé”, meaning ‘shape’ or ‘form’, and μετρία “metría”, meaning ‘measurement’) refers to the quantitative analysis of form. Morphometrics analyzes lengths, widths, masses, angles, ratios and areas. Morphometric data is a measurement of size.

It’s all Greek to me! What does all that mean to you when we perform this test on their pet? Accuracy. Even with all our experience it can sometimes be a challenge to determine a pet’s ideal weight. Is the patient really just fluffy? Is the pet big boned? This test allows us to take away any guesswork.

Hill’s has developed a Healthy Weight Protocol using morphometric measurements which is clinically proven to be more effective at determining ideal weight.  The morphometric measurements were developed during a multi-year study at the University of Tennessee using extensive statistical modeling. It is an objective assessment based on science rather than subjective evaluation (like Body Condition Scoring) based on opinion and perception. Another measurement for size is the Body Fat Index (BFI). This is an estimation of the amount of body fat a pet has. A BFI over 25% is considered overweight. The program takes the morphometric measurements and the BFI to calculate your pet’s ideal weight. This information will guide us in developing an individualized weight loss plan for your pet.

When you pet comes in for a complimentary nutritional consult we will decide if the test is required based on body condition and BFI. The test is only performed on overweight pets with a body score of more than 5/9 or BFI of over 25%.  However, we can still calculate feeding programs for underweight and ideal weight patients. It is a very quick procedure. For cats there are six measurements that take 2-3 minutes to complete. For dogs there are four measurements that take 1-2 minutes to complete. The test works on all breeds of cats and dogs. It is not recommended for growing puppies/kittens or pregnant/nursing pets.

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Reference: Hill’s Canada