Pet Weight Management Tips

Clappison Animal Hospital is dedicated to proper nutrition and a healthy diet for your pet. During Weight Management season at our Waterdown veterinary clinic we want to make sure that our clients and Flamborough community understand the big role your pet’s weight plays in his or her overall health. Since the goal of Clappison Animal Hospital is keeping your pet at its optimal level of health, Weight Management season can be one of the most important times to educate yourself as a pet parent. This week we will be posting a series of tips with easy steps you can take as a pet owner to keep your pet’s weight at a comfortable and safe level.

Tip #1:
How to tell if your pet may be the F-word. (Fat)

By putting your hands on each side of your dog or cat’s rib cage, you should be able to feel each individual rib without much difficulty. In some cases, you may notice the ribs sticking out. This can be a sign of underweight; in which case you could also benefit from learning more about weight management. If you cannot feel any ribs there is a good chance your pet is overweight. When looking at your pet from the side, ask yourself these questions: Is his belly tucked up slightly or does it hang down? Though it varies from breed to breed, you should be able to notice some type of waist line in your pet. If your cat or dog is underweight, you will most definitely see a tuck. If your cat or dog is overweight, you will notice no waist and/or their belly hanging down low.

Tip #2:
Understand why being overweight is a problem.

Pets who suffer from being overweight are at high risk for developing more health problems. Problems such as added stress on their heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and joints. Some of these problems can be life threatening, as we will see a higher proneness to diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, immune dysfunction and even cancerous tumors. Pet parents who understand that your pet’s diet & nutrition is imperative to their overall well being will have a better chance of succeeding at a weight loss plan for their fur baby.

Stay tuned throughout the week as we continue to reveal important steps to helping you understand your pet’s weight and nutrition level, and never hesitate to call us at Clappison Animal Hospital in Waterdown to book your complimentary Nutritional consult until Aug. 31st!