Rabies Information Update

Rabies update as of Mar 24, 2017 for the GTA

Hamilton Total Raccoon Rabies Positive Cases

AreaNumber of  Positive RaccoonsNumber of Positive SkunksOther AnimalsTotal
Ancaster2741 Cat32
Glanbrook3211 Fox & 1 Cat35
Central Mountain31417
East Mountain6713
West Mountain145
Lower Central Hamilton8311
Lower East Hamilton201434
Lower West Hamilton121931
Lower Stoney Creek9514
Upper Stoney Creek459

Total Raccoon strain rabies cases for all of Ontario: 291 cases

  • Hamilton: 232 cases
  • Haldimand: 20 cases
  • Brant: 17 cases
  • Niagara: 15 cases
  • Halton: 10 cases

Raccoon Strain Species Breakdown:

  • Raccoons: 199 cases
  • Skunks: 91 cases
  • Fox: 1 case
  • Cat: 2 cases
  • Llama: 1 case

Thank you to the City of Hamilton and the Ontario Ministry for the update, so that we can keep our Community updated.