The Perils of Christmas

It is that time of year again when pet parents face the challenges of the season.  We all know about the dangers of chocolates which seem to appear every year even when we promise ourselves “This year I will not fall off my diet”.  And everyone has heard how Poinsettias are a gastric irritant leading to vomiting but what about the real dangers December heralds?

A stranger coming down chimneys in the dead of night, eating milk and cookies before leaving hosiery stuffed with presents can make even the best-behaved pet anxious. So leave the Christmas tree lights on and play carols softly in the background.  Very relaxing and will drown out the sound of eight tiny reindeer on the roof.

No need to worry about transmission of infectious diseases to your pet. The North Pole runs a very tight ship when it comes to contagion control and they are world known for their parasite prevention plan.

So relax, don’t worry and enjoy this time with family and friends – furry and otherwise.

Written Dr. Jennifer Merry