Corn — Filler? Or a dietary legend?

Corn is often referred to as a filler by many people reading the labels of their pets food. However, the truth is that corn is, in fact, a fantastic nutritional benefit to your pet’s diet.

Vitamins, minerals, fats, water, proteins and carbohydrates are what is required to complete and balance a healthy diet. Vitamins and minerals job is to support many organ and immune functions. Fats, carbohydrates and proteins are all essential nutrients required to fuel the body with energy and support muscle function.

Now back to corn — a nutrient that has gotten such a poor review from many. Accused of being a filler, an allergy source and a cheap, unnecessary ingredient. Spoiler alert! They are wrong! Corn is an uncommon allergy. Pets are more likely to have allergies to proteins or the environment such as dust mites, grasses, etc.

Corn is like the MVP of nutrients. When ground down into a powder form, it morphs into a nutritional superhero — supplying a large source of proteins which becomes an excellent source of essential amino acids. You know those little guys that help build and maintain muscle and regulate immune function. It is a source of carbohydrate, therefore, producing energy to maximize the use of the proteins for muscle support. It is known to have more antioxidants than most other foods. Antioxidants are important benefits to overall health. Corn is also an excellent source of Linoleic acid (omega 3 fatty acid). Omega 3 fatty acids are known to lower inflammation.

It helps maintain healthy joints for both you and your pet. It is a source of EPA and DHA to support brain function and combined is an excellent anti-inflammatory. With all those benefits from one tiny nutrient, can you believe it is more than just a filler? If you ask me it’s corn for the win!

Written by: Amy Hanchurick, ACA