Dog Breeds & Health Problems

Something I hear quite often in veterinary practice is that “I/we had no idea (insert cat or dog breed here) had all of these problems”. Pet owners can be disappointed and frustrated all at once to find out that their beloved new family member could have enduring and costly health issues. But, the answers are out there, and no one should be surprised to find out that an English Bulldog may have several anatomical upper respiratory problems or that a Shar Pei may need corrective surgery for in-rolling of the eyelids.

Listed below are websites which may be helpful during your search for a new pet. Please keep in mind that a breed of cat or dog without health problems does not exist, and you may well choose personality over potential medical issues, so long as you accept that risk moving forward.

Dog Breed Health:

Canine Inherited Disorders Database:

Trupanion Insurance Company “Pet Health Problems”:

The aforementioned sites can give an exhaustive list of even rare medical conditions, so a Wikipedia search may give more basic information about breeds and their associated problems, and the all-mighty Google will give you millions of possible websites to peruse.

You can always, of course, call the veterinarians at Clappison Animal Hospital for some practical advice about potential breed related problems, once you have narrowed down your choices.