Fireworks and Pets

Every year, thousands of pets suffer as a result of fireworks. We see a marked rise in pets requiring medication during such stressful times, and many pets are also brought in to Clappison Animal Hospital to be scanned for microchips, for they have been found after running away from home during firework weekends.

Animals have an acute sense of hearing; loud bangs and whistles may cause them actual pain. If you try following a few of these simple guidelines, your pet does not need to suffer.

Dogs and Cats

  • Always keep them inside when fireworks are happening.
  • Walk your dog earlier in the day before the firework show starts.
  • Close all windows and doors. Block off cat doors; close curtains try to keep noise to a minimum.
  • Play the radio, or turn on the TV if your pet is used to these.
  • Make sure your pet is wearing an ID tag or is microchipped if they do run away.
  • Prepare an area that will make your pet feel safe and cozy during fireworks.
  • If we stay calm and praise them for staying calm during fireworks, they will learn that fireworks can be okay.

If you have rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, or other small creatures, they also need to be treated with special care:

  • Hutches or cages if possible should be moved into a quiet room or garage.
  • Give extra bedding to burrow in.
  • Cover bird cages with extra thick blankets or a duvet to block out loud noise; make sure there is enough ventilation for your bird.

If you know a firework weekend is coming, reach out to your veterinarian for help before the event begins. At Clappison Animal Hospital, we can discuss your pets needs and make this holiday firework season a more tolerable one for you and your pet.

Written by Clappison Animal Hospital