Halloween Fun and Safety for Your Dog

Halloween is a fun time for kids, but our four-legged friends also like to get involved and enjoy the Halloween spirit. Here are some fun things to do you’re your dog this season and stay safe at the same time.

  1. Have a party for your dog, invite some of their favourite friends over for a fun day of play. You can play music, fun games, have their favourite treats available, and the best part is to dress them up in a safe pet costume. Sending home goodie bags to take home their favourite treat or toy in. You can decorate the bag yourself or make the pet parents feel a part of the day they could do this.
  2. Throw a neighbourhood parade and have all the dogs dress up and walk the street. Make a costume contest by having everyone vote. Hosting a scary movie night with big cushions, bone treats and apple slices is another fun event for your dog and their friends.
  3. Maybe your dog does not like big crowds, so keeping it low key is always another option. You can dress up make your favourite meal for each of you, i.e., hot dogs wrapped in strips of pastry look like zombie’s are both friendly for you and your pet (if no allergies). Watch a movie together or play catch in the backyard is always fun.
  4. If you both like it quiet going out of town to a dog-friendly park or hotel and not having people knocking on your door constantly is another idea of something you can do with your dog this Halloween.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Written by Christine Attridge-Hardy, Practice Manager