Traveling with Your Pet This Winter?

Cooler weather is setting in, and a lot of us start thinking about winter vacation spots. Some of us even look for areas that we can take our fur family with us.

Making sure your pet is fully vaccinated is a must, so you do not run into any problems at security checkpoints. Here are a few things to make sure you have no worries when taking your pet on your upcoming vacation.

Every pet must meet the vaccination requirements against certain diseases before travelling internationally. You may check the countries government website to see what vaccines are required by law for your pet. Rabies vaccine must be given at least 30 days before travelling. You must also carry with you a certificate showing this too.

Carrying other documentation of vaccination and identification of your pet is also highly recommended. This could include Pet Passport, An Animal Welfare Export Certificate, and Microchip or Tattoo identification. With these documents, please make sure they are legible and complete. Have them stamped or signed by your veterinarian’s office with the address and phone number, date of the examination and most importantly the serial number of the vaccine, the date the vaccine was given and the date that your pet is due for re-vaccination.

We hope these few tips help make your next vacation with your pet less stressful for you will be ready to go for nothing stopping you.

Written By: Christine Attridge-Hardy, Practice Manager