Our clinic cat Rocky has joined the Pudgy Pet Program.

We will admit with so many people taking care of Rocky his weight has managed to creep up to 17 pounds!

We did a full nutritional consult on him starting with his morphometric measurements (http://www.clappisonvet.com/morphometric-measurements/). The test results put his ideal weight at 11.5 pounds. It should take him about 8-12 months to lose the 5.5 pounds of extra weight safely. A cat should not lose weight too fast or it can have liver problems.

He will now be on a strict diet of Hill’s Metabolic food and measured amounts every day. We are putting his dry food into daily baggies so everyone knows how much he can still have and to avoid any confusion. These portions also include his allotted amount of treats.

We will be posting his progress on Facebook along the way.

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