Christmas Hazards

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. We are all busy getting ready for the holiday season that sometimes we forget about our pets and what they may be getting into while we are not watching.

Here are 10 things to make sure you keep your pet away from this Holiday season:

  1. Chocolate – contains theobromine which is like caffeine. While yummy in taste is severely poisonous to cats and dogs.
  2. Mince Meat and Christmas Puddings – the dried fruit in these desserts are toxic dogs.
  3. Blue cheese on our cheese boards – Contains Roquefortine C that dogs are extremely sensitive to.
  4. Tinsel – Lots of fun to play with but tinsel can cause blockages in our pet’s GI system.
  5. Macadamia nuts – these nuts cause severe illness in dogs.
  6. Garlic – poisonous to dogs
  7. Snow Globes – some snow globes contain antifreeze.
  8. Candles – will burn paws or noses of our curious fur friends.
  9. Fairy Lights – some puppies and cats are curious from the bright lights and chew on the cords and can either get burned or an electrical shock.
  10. Alcohol – can cause liver or brain damage in our cats and dogs.

A few other holiday hazards to watch out for are Christmas Poinsettia, Salt dough ornaments, Wrapping paper and Lilies.

Hoping these tips keep your fur family member nice and safe this holiday season.

Written by: Christine Attridge-Hardy, Practice Manager