Ringworm. What Is It?

Well, for starters, ringworm is a very misleading name. Ringworm is, in fact, a fungus, not a worm. Ringfungus wouldn’t roll off the tongue the same.

It is a contagious form of fungus that can be very itchy and hard to prevent, as it a common fungus. It is a mould-like parasite that lives on the top surface of the skin layer. Transmission can be from animals to people, animal to animal, person to person or even by an object (such as clothing) touched by the infected. This fungus can remain up to a year and a half in the environment and remain infective.

Infection usually starts as a flat and scaly area then gradually reddens, forms a circular shape and begins to become raised around the edges (this is why they say “worm” as it can look like one is under the skin layer).

If you are concerned that your dog or cat may be infected with ringworm, I recommend that you contact your regular Veterinarian to have your pet examined.

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Written by: Amy Hanchiruk, ACA