The Winter Weight Thaw

Many of us struggle to keep our own weight in check over the long winter months...

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Lessons from a Leashed Dog

We live in frustrating times.  For dogs and humans.  Regulations, rules, laws and restrictions abound; in many ways, like our dogs, we are tied up. What can our leashed dogs teach us?  The cure for our frustrations. The fourth century Stoic Roman philosopher Seneca believed that anger, and thus frustration, can be controlled, even nullified, if […]

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My Pet is ITCHY!

Every year we see many dogs with the same complaint…they are itchy. For some animals...

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Toxicity in Cats from Dog Flea Control Products

Clappison Animal Hospital’s Dr. Chris Hamilton recently saw a case involving...

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Dog Breeds & Health Problems

Something I hear quite often in veterinary practice is that “I/we had no idea...

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