Blog: Senior Pet Care


Arthritis in your pet in the Winter Months

With the colder weather approaching you may notice your pet moving slower or having a harder time getting up from the lying down position.


Celebrating Senior Pets

In October and November, we celebrate seniors!  At least we do in the veterinary medicine industry, and boy, do we love our senior friends.  Senior pets are special in so many ways, they have often been with us since they were kittens/puppies, they are an integral part of our human...


Event: Senior Talk

Events Join us on November 10th for a senior talk with Dr. Stephen Longridge at 7pm!

Two senior dogs looking up

Age Is Not A Disease by Dr. Maegan Melillo

It’s Senior Awareness Month at Clappison Animal Hospital! It’s easy to focus on veterinary care if your pet is sick but what about the annual “maintenance”? For older pets the annual visit becomes very important as it can help us catch disease early. Dogs and cats have a shorter life...