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What lies beneath… the Benefits of Dental Radiographs

There are many signs of dental disease such as tartar, gingivitis, bleeding, not eating. Sometimes your veterinarian can see a tooth that’s loose or that the enamel is damaged. The tricky part is that teeth are like little icebergs and much of the tooth is below the gum line.

Dog sitting with a bone

Chewing Dangers to Avoid for your Pet’s Oral Health

This is a classic tale, but perhaps one where the warning is often ignored. Do NOT feed hard toys, bones, antlers etc to your dog. It can and will break their teeth.

Veterinarian examining a dog's teeth

Dental Season by Dr. Chris Hamilton

Although less than was once felt some people still feel pets don’t need dental care or that they just don’t have the problems people do. This is not the case. Dogs and cats develop almost all the same problems as people do. They will get plaque if the teeth are...

Cat with a toothbrush

Fun Pet Dental Facts for Dental Month

February and March are Dental Health months for your furry friends! Here are some cool facts that you may not know: Dental disease is the most common clinical condition among our pets 80 % of dogs and 70 % of cats have dental disease by 3 years of age 1...