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Cat getting its teeth brushed

Cat Dental Care

What is involved in a dental cleaning procedure? Cats do not happily sit still while we attempt to clean their teeth above and below the gum line, so kitties are anesthetized during the dental prophylaxis. During the cleaning, the entire mouth is inspected for gingivitis, gum recession, loose and damaged teeth...

Cat lying down and looking up

Cat Spaying and Neutering

What is cat neuter? Also known as castration, neutering is the complete removal of the testicles. It is performed to avoid accidental pregnancies and reduce unwanted male behaviours, such as urine spraying and fighting with other cats.

Cat sleeping

Kitten Vaccinations

When do kittens get their first immunization? Ideally, kittens receive their first vaccines at around 8-weeks-old. How often do my kittens need vaccines? Typically, 3 sets of vaccines are given at 8, 12 and 16 weeks. This helps ensure that kittens not responding to the initial vaccines do so at...

Veterinarian giving an injection to a cat

Cat Vaccinations

Does my indoor cat need to be vaccinated too? Contact with other cats can change throughout life. It is important to keep the immune system "remembering" viruses and how to effectively and rapidly respond. In addition, rabies vaccination is required by law, regardless of the lifestyle of your pet.