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Veterinarian giving an injection to a dog

Dog Vaccinations

By vaccinating your dog, you are protecting them from a variety of diseases that are unique to their species. Here at Clappison Animal Hospital, we provide individualized vaccination protocols for your dog based on their life stage and lifestyle.

Puppy Vaccinations

At Clappison Animal Hospital, we strive for the best immunity your puppy will need when we see them for their puppy vaccine appointments.

Dog running on grass

Dog Neutering and Spaying

Neutering your male dog is a medically as well as socially responsible procedure with few complications, a short hospital stay, and a brief recovery period for your pet. Dog neuter involves the surgical removal of the testicles under a monitored anesthetic. The recovery time is typically very brief and your...

Dog and veterinarian holding a toothbrush

Dental Care for Dogs

One of the most commonly diagnosed health problems in pets is an oral disease. Foul breath, red and swollen gums, changes in appetite/eating and chewing habits, depression or pawing at the face are all symptoms of potentially greater underlying problems and should be addressed in a timely fashion. We provide...