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Working Towards Stress-Free Nail Trims!

Do you have a dog or a cat that despises having their nails trimmed? Do both you and your pet dread nail trims? It doesn’t have to be this way! Toenail trims should not be a traumatic and fearful event. There should be no need to force your pet to stay still and have them […]

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Does Your Pet Need Grooming?

Did you know that here at Clappison Animal Hospital we can groom your fury family member? We have a very well established groomer on staff with over 15 years of experience. Stephanie has worked at Clappison Animal Hospital for 5 years. Stephanie also does grooming on dogs that are competing at dog shows on weekends. […]

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Signs of Dehydration in Dogs

Now that the summertime weather is here, the heat and humidity tend to get the best of us.

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